Riyafa Moroccan Skincare is the best product for any skin colour because for thousands of years people of every complexion have relied on these same principles to keep their skin in perfect condition.

Over the millennia Morocco has been settled by travelers, conquerors and slaves from around the world. As a result the Moroccan people have the most diverse range of skins tones and pigmentation, from pale Scandinavian white to deep African black.

Considering that the Moroccan climate is one of the most skin challenging you’ll find on Earth it’s no surprise that Riyafa Moroccan products are so effective for every skin colour.

A Mediterranean, Black, Latinx, or South Asian skin tone is a blessing in so many ways but it also creates unique challenges.

If you have light skin then the first sign of aging is usually lines and wrinkles, an abundance of melanin in darker skin keeps away these crow’s feet and laughter lines.

As a darker skinned person you’ll be more concerned about pigmentation issues than lines and wrinkles.

If you’re Mediterranean, Latinx or Asian you’ll be worried about both.

Although we all have the same basic skin care needs, there are some problems which occur more often in darker skins:


Dry skin and dehydrated skin are often confused but they’re not the same thing. Dry skin lacks oils and lipids while dehydrated skin lacks water in the upper layers.

Both are common in deeper skin tones and they’re aggravated by using harsh synthetic soaps that strip the skin’s barrier of moisture and natural oils.

To avoid this, be sure to start your skin care routine with a gentle cleanser like Riyafa Savon Noir and avoid over-exfoliation. Follow up with a rich moisturizer: Riyafa Argan Oil and Riyafa Prickly Pear Serum are both ideal.

Dark circles under your eyes

This can happen for a variety of reasons including tiredness, a thinning of skin around the eyes, or simply genetics. Rubbing your eyes can break capillaries which will also create dark circles.

Riyafa Prickly Pear Serum contains Vitamin K, which helps brighten these under-eye circles.


This is a hormone-triggered condition that causes dry patches on the skin. A variation called ashy dermatitis causes gray-brown spots on your face, chest, and back.

One of the most common products for melasma is sun protection, however it’s very hard to cure and you really need to consult a dermatologist on this one.


Although deeper skin tones have more protection against photo or UV-induced aging you’re more likely to develop age spots and dark patches that make your skin look patchy and uneven.

Riyafa prickly pear serum contains vitamin K which brightens and fades hyperpigmentation as well as other blemishes, and discolorations.

Sun Damage

It’s a common myth that people with deeper skin tones don’t need to worry about sun damage but this is totally wrong.

Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight leads to invisible inflammation and a cascade of aging side effects regardless of your skin color.

Riyafa argan oil is recommended as it contains powerful anitoxidants that penetrate your skin helping it heal and regenerate from sun damage.


Hypertrophic and keloid scarring is more common in dark skin because of a gene abnormality that stimulates excessive collagen production during wound healing.

It’s a widely believed that Vitamin E reduces scarring and some doctors even prescribe Vitamin E based products.

Unfortunately there’s no scientific evidence to support this, some evidence suggests it may even make the scarring worse. We recommend you talk to a dermatologist on this before trying any products.

Acne and eczema

Both can be more common in darker skin and synthetic acne products tend to dry out your skin exacerbating the problem of eczema.

products like Riyafa Savon Noire, Riyafa Ghassoul and Riyafa Argan Oil are very effective, and crucially they are non-comedogenic which means they won’t block your pores.

Bear in mind our comments about scarring and vitamin E if your acne has left you with scars or lesions.

You should talk to your dermatologist if you have any concerns.

Oily skin

Excessive oil production happens across all skin types but especially in darker skin. Wash with a natural product like Riyafa Savon Noir to avoid over-cleansing and stripping your skin.

People with oilier skin tend not to hydrate because it feels counterintuitive but balancing water and oil is important which is why you still need to moisturize.

Whatever your skin colour you should avoid these ingredients

A lot of the chemicals used in synthetic skincare products aren’t there for your skin health.
You should avoid anything the contains parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, oxybenzone and alcohol.

These are all known to trigger irritation and allergic reactions, strip and dry out the skin and, in some cases, even affect your overall health.

Follow the Riyafa Skincare routine for beautiful, healthy skin

Whatever your complexion you can trust Riyafa skincare to keep your skin healthy and beautiful by following our skincare advice which is based on the traditional Moroccan hammam skincare ritual using only pure and natural ingredients.