When we started to research our new range of natural skincare balms, creams and lotions we were shocked to find that commercial moisturizers contain up to 90% of water. Yet can still cost up to $50 for a small jar.

It just doesn’t make sense to purchase a moisturizer that’s mostly plain water, especially when you consider that around 700 million people are suffering from water scarcity.

You might think that water is an essential part of any moisturizer but this isn’t true. So long as your skin is in good condition it will get more than enough moisture for the water you drink and from the air around you. Water-free skincare is not only possible — it’s more effective, too.

According to research, 27 percent of consumers are conscious of water usage and looking to change their habits. If you’re searching for ways to help the environment then switching from a water based cream to an oil based moisturizer like Riyafa Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a great place to start.

So why is Water in moisturizer such a bad thing?

Water based moisturizers wash the essential oils out of your skin

Moisturizers use oil as an active ingredient. Oil and water don’t mix so you need an emulsifier to combine them together. The problem is that emulsifiers continue to do their thing even AFTER you put them on your skin so they actually dilute and remove the oils that are already in your skin and essential to skin health. This is called wash out and it’s a big problem because it makes you skin feel dry after a few hours which means you’ll keep adding more moisturizer and washing out more oil – it’s a vicious cycle.

Water based moisturizers need harsh, irritating preservatives to kill the microbes

Water is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and microbes. Any water based cosmetic needs to be tested for 6 months to see what nasties grow in it. To keep you safe ALL water based products use preservatives to kill the microbes. Unfortunate anything powerful enough to work  will also be BAD for your skin. Parabens are the most popular preservatives but even mild natural alternatives can cause irritation and damage.

Water based moisturizers are an environmental disaster

Water is heavy and environmentally expensive to ship and store. Image all those pots and jars full of water traveling around the world by plane, ship and truck before sitting on store shelves for months on end while 700 million people go without clean water.

Riyafa Prickly Pear Seed Oil is environmentally friendly, more effective and better value

Our approach to waterless beauty is based on offering you an effective product that stays fresher and more potent as it isn’t diluted with water, an inactive and a bacteria-breeding ingredient.

If your skin is in perfect condition it will get all the moisture it needs from your diet and the water you drink.

Riyafa Prickly Pear Seed Oil is highly effective, environmentally friendly to produce and don’t involve shipping tons of water around the world.