The New Riyafa Athlete Collection contains everything you need to keep your skin healthy in two convenient shatterproof recyclable bottles and a FREE bonus Crystal Natural Deodorant.

The Collection Includes

200ml Riyafa Savon Noir All in One Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal Cleaner
100ml Riyafa Argan All in One Natural Skin & Hair Care
FREE Riyafa Crystal Rock

Here’s what these amazing natural skin care products will do for you:

Riyafa Savon Noir All in One Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal Cleanser

A powerful, natural antibacterial, antifungal moisturizing, exfoliating hand, hair and body cleanser

Deep Cleans your hair and body naturally

Removes pollution, dirt, chlorine, chlorine odor and salt water from your body and hair without stripping out its natural oils.

Antibacterial elements fight infection

Antibacterial properties make it an excellent and very effective alternative to synthetic chemical cleansers. It’s gentle enough to use on your face, hands, and body.

Balances skin types without stripping out essential oils

Helps balance your skin’s natural oil production without stripping necessary oils or adding excess oil to your skin.

Soothes and treats itchiness and irritation

Soothes itchiness and irritation from eczema, contact dermatitis and skin allergies. Savon Noir helps clear rashes related to eczema and psoriasis.

Protects against photoaging

Vitamins A and E Antioxidants combat free radical attacks on otherwise healthy skin tissues.

Antioxidants protect your skin from photoaging. Photoaging is premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV).

It’s a particular problem on the most visible parts of the body: Your arms, legs, neck and the backs of your hands.

Exfoliates your skin to prevent problems caused by blocked pores

Exfoliation is important to keep your skin smooth and healthy after shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal.

Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells before they can clog your hair follicles.

Strong antifungal agents prevent athletes foot and foot odour

Antifungal properties make savon noir effective in treating common types of fungus including candida albicans yeast, toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

Riyafa Argan All in One Natural Skin & Hair Care

Heals cuts and scrapes

Argan oil is a great product for cuts and scrapes due to its abundance of antioxidants and vitamin E.  It’s rich in the fatty-acids such as linoleic acid, which promotes faster wound healing and can reduce skin inflammation and swelling.

Heals skin infections

One of argan oils traditional uses is to treat skin infections. Its antibacterial and fungicidal properties give it the capability to help treat and prevent many skin infections.

Moisturises your hair and body

Effective moisturization is really important for athletes, and argan oil is an extremely effective moisturiser for immediate relief from the symptoms of dry skin

Heals cracked heels and dry feet

Cracked and dry skin on your feet or heels is an extremely painful and common condition that is easily treated with argan oil.

Conditions lips

Argan oil is an excellent lip balm to relieve and condition chapped or cracked lips.

Heals acne

The triterpenoids that are found in argan oil promote healing of mild acne, as well as the product of acne-related scars.

Combats dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a very common skin disease that manifests itself as itchy and inflamed patches of skin.

Argan oil is extremely effective in reducing itchiness and rashes, linoleic acid, oleic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce or even eliminate dermatitis flare-ups such as eczema by hydrating your skin.

It protects cell integrity leaving skin better able to perform its important barrier function.

Fights signs of premature aging

Regular use of argan oil can help reduce the severity and depth of wrinkles and remove age spots, as it restores the youthful elasticity of your skin and increases the regenerative speed of your healthy skin cells.

Argan oil significantly improves your skin’s ability to lock in moisture and water. This is important because dehydration is the main cause of skin aging.

Protects against environmental damage and sunburn

Antioxidant elements in argan oil help protect the skin against free radical damage caused by the sun.

It’s an effective product for the dry, leathery skin that often results from too much exposure to the sun. Long term, it may even help prevent against the development of skin cancers.

Improves Skin Health and Appearance

Even if you don’t have skin conditions like eczema, acne, scarring, or wrinkles, you can use argan oil to enhance your skin’s appearance,.

The saponins in argan oil can help restore your skin cells ability to regenerate, keeping your most important and largest bodily organ supple, soft strong and healthy.

Relieves sore joints and muscles

Flavonoids triterpenoids, and, butyrospermol in argan oil have extremely powerful and effective anti-inflammatory properties which are known to relieve sore joints and muscles.

Strengthens nails

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of the oil can help fight off skin and nail infections that are associated with bad nail health. Vitamin E helps promote healthier and stronger nails naturally.

Exfoliates skin

Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so.

Sometimes, dead cells don’t shed completely which can result in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores, fine lines and sagging.

Exfoliating can help prevent this.

Treats rashes

Polyphenols, and sterols in argan oil help reduce redness, itchiness and irritation and promote healing.

Relives and heals insect bites

Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols, Squalene and Polyphenols in argan oil promote cell regeneration and have antiseptic and anti-inflammtory properties that can sooth, heal and  fade insect bites.

Cures smelly feet (Bromhidrosis)

Foot odour is caused by the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands going awry. The micro organisms that cause your feet to smell thrive within moist areas. The antibacterial and antifungal elements in argan oil can help prevent foot odour.

Riyafa Crystal Rock

Natural Deodorant, styptic to heal cuts and abrasions, soothes insect bites and stings

You can get the Riyafa ATHLETE Skincare Collection here.