Riyafa brings you sensational skincare products that are good for you and good for the planet.

During our frequent trips to Morocco, just across the straits of Gibraltar from our home in southern Spain, we were amazed how, despite the harsh environment in one of the driest regions on the planet, the locals had such fantastic complexions.

Over the course of many visits we discovered the ritual of hammam and how the locals use a combination of natural soaps, clays, oils and crystals to exfoliate, clean and hydrate their skin.

All the preparations we found have a long history stretching back thousands of years, and most of them are unique to the remote regions of Morocco to the north of the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains.

Everything here grows naturally, far away from industrialisation, or it comes from deep underground.

The products are totally organic, have few ingredients, no contamination from pesticides or environmental pollution, and have no artificial fragrances or chemical additives. As a result they’re far more hypoallergenic than any factory produced chemical product can ever be.

Around this time we had started to experiment with veganism and whole foods as a way of improving our well-being and were amazed at the positive effects the elimination of chemicals, preservatives and factory processed foods had on our health.

It made sense that we should make the same changes to our skincare regime and the results are better than we could have ever imagined.

Having made the switch we hate to use commercial chemicals on our skin and find they’re far less effective now that our bodies have re-adjusted to these natural products.

As more and more family and friends discovered the benefits we decided the time had come to make this our full time vocation and so Rifaya was born.

We hope you enjoy Riyafa as much as we do.