Riyafa products are only available directly from our website. We don’t supply through hotels, supermarkets, shops or online retailers.

Selling direct to you gives us total control of our quality and keeps our prices low. It means we can pay our suppliers a fair wage and we don’t need to adulterate our products with preservatives, artificial colours and the excessive packaging needed to give them “Shelf Appeal”.

Selling through intermediaries builds in complex distribution, transportation and warehousing systems which are all high carbon activities.

Your Riyafa products come to you direct from the producer with as few steps in between as we can possibly manage.

Why we use advocates

Our products speak for themselves but sometimes they need a little help.

Although we don’t sell to intermediaries, we do encourage some of our customers to become advocates for our products, and for that we pay them a small reward.

Many of our customers like to recommend us to their friends and we say thank you by giving them and their friends a discount on the products they buy from us.

The important thing is that our advocates must be users of Riyafa products and speak from personal experience.

Why we rely on personal recommendation to spread the word

It’s universally agreed that personal recommendation is the best way to encourage people to buy your products. It’s also by far the cheapest and the greenest option. (Just think how much carbon a conventional sales and marketing operation produces!).

When you rely on customer recommendation you’re totally dependent on your customer’s love of your products, your endeavour lives or dies based on your customer’s experience.

Big Business doesn’t like word of mouth marketing because they can’t control and direct it in the same way as they can with conventional marketing programmes.

We love it because it works for us.