Whatever you want you can have right now! Just order online and it’ll be delivered by plane, train, truck, and moped. And when it arrives, it’ll almost certainly come in a big box full of plastic and void fill packaging.

The Convenience Society Creates far too much Waste

To many people this is heaven on Earth, but as Amazon and the thousands of other businesses built around bringing you stuff have exploded in growth, they’ve been met with the same chorus of complaints: They create way, way too much waste.

Enter the Zero Waste movement with the goal of minimizing or even eliminating waste. Recycling isn’t enough as only 9 percent of all plastic waste on Earth has ever been recycled. The only thing that works is preventing waste from existing in the first place.

This is the basis of the rule of 3Rs that we live by: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Climate Change Can’t Be Ignored, It Won’t go Away

It’s no coincidence that the popularity of zero-waste lifestyles coincides with irrefutable evidence that climate change is a real and growing problem.

We’re doing our bit to help:

Our Jars for Life are beautifully hand crafted Moroccan pots, jars and bottles that you can refill time and again using our refill packs.

We use the absolute minimum packaging possible and it’s all easily and universally recyclable (most of it is PET which is Grade 1 – the most recyclable and the most recycled material).

The great thing about PET apart from it being the perfect material for Cosmetic storage is that it can be recycled back into bottles saving the need to use new virgin plastic. Other plastics degrade as they are recycled so a lot of it ends up being recycled into plastic bags or bin liners.

Our delivery packaging is all recycled paper and card with water based ink.

Our standard containers have peel off labels rather than direct print so they can be re-purposed and used as storage containers for other stuff.

They’re also super light to reduce transportation pollution which is the top producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the US and most other developed countries.

The rise of the convenience society means things will only get worse unless we take action to change things.

Aiming for zero waste doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfortable lifestyle it can enhance it and you’ll feel so much better for making the effort

It’s something we all need to do and we need to do it now so let’s get started.